El Salvador

  • El Salvador is strategically in the heart of Central America.
  • We are part of the Mayan World.
  • The countries of Central America are close traveling by car.
  • We have the 3rd most modern airport of Latin America, with high technology and security.
  • The distances between points of interests, are short, allowing the visitors to get acquainted with the country from its Capital.
  • The legal currency is the American Dollar.
  • In El Salvador, the most important international credit cards are accepted such as: Visa, Masters Card, Dinner Club, Américan Express, among others.
  • The international communications in telephony, cellular and Internet, count on the best technology and services.

The Weather in El Salvador

Paseo General Escalón No.3658,
Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador, Centro América.
Tel: (503) 2298-2844 ó Tel: (503) 2283-0220 Fax: (503) 2223-5889